Name of Committee                                                            Chairperson
Constitution and Procedure                                              Musharraf Hossain (DC)
Review Committee                                                              
Legal Committee                                                                    Mohamed Alamgir (DC)
Budget and Finance Committee                                      Atiquer Rahman  (FL)          
Media and Public Awareness                                            Azadul Haq (TX)          
Business & Investment Committee                               Rabiul Karim Belal (KS)
Youth Forum Committee                                                    Zakaria Chowdhury (NY)
Health & Wellness Committee                                         Qudrot E. Khuda (FL)
Social Networking Committee                                          Masud Rob Chowdhury (CA)
Bangladesh Liaison Committee                                        M Mowla Dilu (GA)               
Seminar Committee                                                             Dr. Anwarul Karim (MD)
Cultural Committee                                                              Duke Khan (GA) 
Alumni Committee                                                                Mahabub Reza Rahim (AZ)  
Unification Committee                                                        Mir Chowdhury (NJ)
Membership Verification Committee                           Jashim Uddin (GA)      
Mainstream Liaison Committee                                       Shah Haleem (TX)
Scholarship Committee                                                       Rehan Reza (KS)
Awards and Guest Selection Committee                     Dr. Zainul Abedin (CA)
Women Empowerment  Committee                             Maya Nehal (TX)
Goodwill and Promotion Committee                             Abir Alamgir (NY)