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Who designed the FOBANA LOGO?

The FOBANA logo was designed by renowned graphics designer Tajul Imam. In the past, FOBANA used to design a logo for the convention every year, then during FOBANA 2006 in Atlanta, Georgia, the Executive Committee decided to select one permanent logo. Tajul Imam submitted five logos and the current logo was chosen. The "shapla" in the middle of the logo was carried forward from the previous FOBANA logo.

How does FOBANA view politics?

FOBANA is a non-political organization. However, it actively promotes participation and involvement in mainstream politics. It promotes voter registration, census and forming caucus in local mainstream politics and organizes informative seminars during the annual convention.

What is FOBANA doing about our youth??

FOBANA has a number of programs specifically geared for our young generation. First of all, the Executive Committee amended the constitution to pave the way to allow more activities for the youth. The amended constitution says,

"Promote participation of youths in social, cultural, educational and scientific activities in North America and Bangladesh. Encourage and assist the youths for future leadership role."

Then the organization guided the host organizations for the past couple of years to include more and more programs for young children. For instance,

  • Talent competition
  • Eassy Competition
  • Usher and Volunteer Program

During 2009-2010 term, FOBANA Executive Committee formed a Youth Sub-Committtee and empowerd the committee to work only on the Youth Program. In the coming years the Youth Sub-Committee will launch a number of prgrams for our young generations.

Who composed the FOBANA theme song??

Talented musician Rommel Hossain (Atlanta, GA) composed the FOBANA theme song. The theme song was first introduced during the FOBANA 2006 in Atlanta, Georgia.

How many FOBANA are there in North America??

There is only one FOBANA organizaiton in the North America. Because of its immense popularity there are groups who uses the name FOBANA for their convention. Their act is not only unethical, it is also illegal because the word FOBANA is a registered trademark and owned by the organization. FOBANA has no problem if any other group wants to have one or multiple conventions through out the year, the organization only wants that no one else uses the name FOBANA.

When was FOBANA established??

FOBANA was established in 1987.

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