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FOBANA announces the names of the standing committee chairs for this term. These committees will work around the year for various activities. The committees are coordinated by the Vice-Chairman and quarterly meeting will be held to assess the progress of these committees. The committees will be formed by the Chairperson in the coming weeks.
  Chairperson   Name of Committee
Nahid Chowdhury (NJ) Awards Committee
Mir Chowdhury (NJ) Unification Committee  
Masud Rob Chowdhury (CA) Social Network Committee
Rabiul Karim Belal (KS) Business and Investment Committee
M Musharraf Hussain (MD) Constitution and Procedure Review Committee 
Dr. Anwarul Karim (MD Seminar Committee 
Maya Nehal (TX) Women Empowerment Committee    
Duke Khan (GA) Cultural Committee   
Shah Haleem (TX) Mainstream Liaison Committee
Rehan Reza (KS) Scholarship Committee  
Jashim Uddin (GA) Membership Verification Committee  
Mahabub Reza Rahim (AZ) Alumni Committee 
Zakaria Chowdhury (NY) Youth Forum Committee    
 Abir Alamgir (NY) Goodwill and Promotion Committee   
Atiquer Rahman (FL) Convention Liaison Committee 
M Mowla Dilu (GA) Bangladesh Liaison Committee 
Mohamed Alamgir (DC) Legal Committee  
Azadul Haq (TX) Media and Public Awareness Committee 

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