FOBANA 2014 will be held in Los Angeles hosted by Bangladesh Association of California and FOBANA 2015 will be held in New York hosted by Bangladesh League of America.


Welcome to FOBANA!

Welcome to the website of Federation of Bangladeshi Associations in North America FOBANA®!

FOBANA®, is a non-profit, non-political and non-discriminatory, IRS 501c(3) tax-exempt (Tax ID 26-1747615) organization. Year of establishment 1987.

This organization of Bangladeshi Associations has been recognized as an umbrella, where Bangladeshi Americans gather to celebrate their success and introduce their vibrant culture to this multicultural country. Since its inception in 1987, FOBANA® has been working tirelessly in this land far away from our ancestral homeland to keep our indigenous culture and commence it to our next generation growing in the United States and Canada.

That is not all; FOBANA® has recently received appreciation for its work to assimilate our people with the mainstream of North American people and culture. Those of us who are working in spite of all obstacles in different communities all over the continent are getting recognition from our organization. In other words, FOBANA® is a symbol of our hope and aspiration and a unifying force for bringing our communities together and for moving it in forward direction.


Fraud and misuse of FOBANA name

It has come to our attention that a person by the name of Emran Ahmed has opened a Facebook page and fraudulently advertising in that he is a member of FOBANA Executive Committee and can help people get "House keeping" job in USA! Here is his facebook page link: 

This is purely a fraud and scam. We have already reported this it US Embassy and sending this person a legal notice. Please be aware of people misusing FOBANA name. FOBANA doesn’t sponsor anyone, not even artists in P-3 visa. It only invites people by specifically mentioning that FOBANA has no authority, influence or jurisdiction over US visa. The visa process is entirely managed by US Embassy at Dhaka and FOBANA has nothing to do with it.

We want to warn everyone to be careful about such fraud and scam. Please don’t fall for such fake offer or pay anyone any money if they promise US Visa in the name of FOBANA. FOBANA is not related to any man power business by any means.


Executive Committee



FOBANA Releases first ever Mobile App!

 We are very excited to let you know that FOBANA released it's first ever Mobile App! It has been developed in collaboraton with Grameen Solutions and Mobio App. The young programmers in Bangladesh had developed this application. You can download the .apk file from Google Play  for Android phone and Apple App Store for iPhones.

Last Updated (Friday, 15 August 2014 21:38)



Today, May 30, 2013 will be marked as a milestone in FOBANA history. Today US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) had received our Combined Declaration of Use and Incontestability under Section 8 and 15. Therefore as of today, NO ONE can contest FOBANA name for next 10 years. After that we need to renew the Trademark for another 10 years and so on.


An "incontestable" registration is conclusive evidence of the validity of the registered mark, of the registration of the mark, of the owner's ownership of the mark and of the owner's exclusive right to use the mark with the goods/services. The claim of incontestability is subject to certain limited exceptions set forth in §§15 and 33(b) of the Trademark Act, 15 U.S.C. §§1065 and 1115(b).



FOBANA releases Newsletter

It is our privilege to release the first ever FOBANA Newsletter on the 42nd Victory Day of Bangladesh. We dedicate this issue to the martyrs of 1952, 1971 and all the freedom fighters of Bangladesh. Please share the link in your Facebook page. Without your active support we can't succeed. Your cooperation is highly appreciated. (copy the above link in your browser)

Azadul Haq,
Chairperson FOBANA Newsletter Committee

Last Updated (Monday, 23 March 2015 19:07)

Executive Committee (2014-2015)
Duke Khan
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Vice Chairperson
Qudrot E Khuda


Executive Secretary
Azadul Haq
Houston, Texas, USA


Joint Executive Secretary
Dr. Ahsan Chowdhury
Austin, TX


Shah Haleem
Houston, TX, USA

Outstanding Member
Mahmud Musharraf Hussain
Potomac, MD

Outstanding Member
Dr. Zainul Abedin
Los Angeles, CA

Outstanding Member
Belal Mustafa Syed
Los Anleges, CA

Outstanding Member
Hashmat Mobin
Dallas, TX


Outstanding Member
Jashim Uddin
Atlanta, GA


Outstanding Member
Mohamed Alamgir
Washington, DC


Outstanding Member
Nahid Chowdhury Mamoon
Hawthorne, NJ

Executive Organization Members

Atlanta Cultural Society
(M Mowla Dilu


Bangladesh Academy of Los Angeles
(Zahid Hossain


Bangladesh American Foundation of Central Florida
(Babul Hai)


Bangladesh Association of Florida
(Mohamed Emran


Bangladesh Association of Greater Kansas City
(Rehan Reza


Bangladesh Association of Greater Washington DC


Bangladesh Association of New Jersey
(Dr. Faruque Azam Chowdhury)


Bangladesh Association of North Texas
(Dr. Abul Kalam


Bangladesh Community of Greater Chicagoland
(Rubel Chowdhury


Bangladesh Foundation of Florida
(Atiquer Rahman


Bangladesh League of America
(Bedarul Islam Babla)


Mid Continent Bangladesh Association
(Rabiul Karim Belal))

 Abdus_Sattar_web.jpg Ora Egaro Jon
(Abdus Sattar)

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